Friday, November 19, 2010


Correspondance with Jo is like being swept up into the arms of the wind, both zephyr and wild. She crafts words so that they do in fact move, with an academic whimsy that is rare and sought after amongst creatives. This new partnership intrigues and stirs me so that I am awake in the night, searching for the child of me in order to draw with the same lyricism as a little boy might render a bird hovering over an egg, in orange and green. 

The potential of co-authorship strips away all that is protective and superficial for me, so that I can get to the heart of this vision, which seems to come from the core of me, at the same time as having a vigorous irrepressible life of it's own. We toss metaphors back and forth, reveling in allegory and motif's that are curious, beautiful, inspiring and generous enough to hold the childhood terrain we are both navigating and fabricating. This dialogue holds, demands, encourages and sanctions so much more than a solitary conversation within my studio walls.

I look into the dark, moonshine stealing starlight, and know that somewhere out there is my confidante and collaborator, equally as fervent, restless, and driven. There is a mother, awake also, drinking in the beauty of a childhood lived for a short time in her arms. 

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