Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Domain games


On the exhale, I pick my brain up off the floor and look around at the BIG world again. After a week of juggling DNS and CNAME and help turorials and exasperation, I have managed to finally transfer the blog to our new domain name. And here we are. Live again.

This virtual navigation is certainly different to the supporting frame of the dance studio, where physicality works proximal to thought process in a mutually responsive way. These domain games have seen me spin out of sight in the ether with no legs and no weight.

We now own the domain name of for three years and hope you will hold a hard copy of this BIG new world in your hands long before then!

It is good to have finally landed.



  1. yay! Good to have you back online. I was worried when I could not figure out how to find your new address. I thought it was a classic case of "it's not you - it's me"...

    I am looking forward to hearing more about the magazine (and also how you went about getting your own domain name)

  2. jeez Jo you've opened a door now. unleashed your inner net fiend. hoorah hoorah hoorah.

  3. Hey Jess! Hoorah indeed!...Thanks. Oh you are SO on the list to contribute to this BIG thing!


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