Friday, December 10, 2010

A BIG Manifesto

  • BIG provides a platform for artists across disciplines to collaborate with children and young people from all over the world. Side by side.

  • BIG invites, provokes and publishes real responses from kids and artists, parents and carers, educators, visionaries and practitioners.

  • BIG recognizes that creative practice inspires change, response, inquiry, reflection, awareness and action on a personal and global scale.
  • BIG is a place where all children, regardless of race, religion or social demographic are welcome. Always. 
  • BIG challenges hierarchy's of who is listening and who is speaking, amplifies small voices in BIG ways, and encourages the participation of a junior editorial staff.
  • BIG partners with organizations that enhance, protect, inspire, care for, support and enrich the lives of children.  
  • BIG is a poetic and tangible place of ongoing discovery.
                                                                                                              Jo Pollitt and Lilly Blue, c.2010

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