Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The BIG bird guide; What bird are you?

As we speak to kids and artists and listen to questions and excitement, it is incredible to see how the bird call task piques interest across ages. The little ones push up their sleeves and dive in. A group of nine year old girls laugh at the varying degrees of bird possibilites -discussing birds with buck teeth and beauty in all formats. A visiting french dancer drafts his winged contribution before flying back to Paris. A woman and her daughter collaborate in the UK. A 15 year old boy describes how he will craft a wire clay bird. A ten year old boy sketches a series of pencil birds one after the other, each with a character and purpose. A bird guilded to the corner of a napkin is collected in Hobart. A portrait of Cat with Bird pounces in from a fab Perth photographer, and the world of Jen Zed lands in our BIG inbox.

A brilliant question, thanks Jen Zed!
It's got us thinking at BIG about what bird we would be, and about what sort of birds our BIG readers would be! Hummingbirds, Bower birds, Eagles, Kookaburras, Willy Wagtails, Parrots, Pigeons, Doves,  Peacocks, Storks, Geese...? 
Ans as for those birds without precedent being imagined and built around the world, fly your way into the BIG sky here before Feburary 14th and we will publish you here!

'How to build a bird...', Luca, 7 and Sacha, 4, Perth.
If you are helping your child, or the one who lives next door to contribute a bird, invite them to imagine any bird of their choosing; beautiful, curious, silly, grand, serious, magical, and ask questions like 'what does it look like, what wings does it have, does it have a name, is it giant or tiny size, does it tell stories, is it an adventurer, is it sad or laughing, is it real or invented?' Word-birds are welcome too - it is your vision, your bird and a flight for all. Artists, follow your interest, your practice and your contribution will sit next to the bird of the child in equal flight.

The BIG migration is building. Click on the BIRD CALL page above for details and send us your Birds!

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