Thursday, June 30, 2011

And then someone sent in the sun..

We are in the post office, time metered out: stamp, kiss, stamp, kiss. Letters are written, forms filled, media kits sent, lists checked, content firing. We are walking around the block on toddler time, in the garden, on the trampoline, in the playroom, at far away desks, in the middle of imagination.

We are stalling and swimming in tides of time-lines and invisible wishing-chair wandering to branches of grumpi ladies and boatbirds and collaborations and rigorous asks from artists who prepare to sail and windcatch our words in ways that will billow us back to rock-pools of when it was all simpler and we could work without consideration of a demographic or detail, nor continuity or image resolution. 
We are working around the clock.

And then we stop for a moment to catch the sun and a personal journey of first flight  - taken in response to her son's invitation - from US based Rachel Awes.

my first flight (Rachel Awes):
 i have worked as a psychologist for a bunch of years. i adore my clients & have scribbled on scrap papers some of the words they've said that has taken my breath away. i decided at some point to compile them together into a healing story & put together a book called "all i did was listen". next i began to look through other artist's images to consider including pictures beside the quotes. i came up with a few & showed our youngest son. he gently laid his hand on my shoulder & said "mom, this needs to be your own art."

i had not created "ART" before, but felt moved by his invitation. i then began with scribbling through an entire notebook to create an image that might match one quote. the initial process was slug slow. & also delightful. over time, it didn't take an entire notebook to birth one image. it became faster & held greater ease.

now i am completing the manuscript. & somehow it is helping to complete me. i am flying. & grateful.


  1. ohhhhh! i just saw this!
    thank you so much for
    sharing your beautiful
    space with me & my birdies!
    lovelove! xox

  2. Love Rachel Awes! Her work is Awesome!! Uplifting and inspiring :)


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