Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mother-daughter birds (and 25 sister birds) soar side by side!

This mother and daughter team is awesome. Mama maintains a gorgeous blog we love called Bird and Little Bird. The mama and creator of the divine Alphabet Glue magazine is Annie, and we figure little bird is her daughter Mariam. Side by side they worked together on their birds and when they flew into our BIG sky, we soared with them (totally visualising Mariam's 25 'sisters' in a Busby Berkley style flight formation amid the brilliant blue!).  BIG and Bird and Little Bird have been talking and are excited about the collaborative potential in the international sky between us.

Mariam (little bird)
Bravery is doing something even though you are afraid.
Imagination is like pretending.  For example, I have imaginary sisters.  Which there are twenty-five of.
Generosity is giving to other people and being nice to them and caring for them. 
Mariam, Vermont, US
Annie (Bird)
Bravery is doing what your heart tells you is right, even when it is really hard.
Imagination is believing that the impossible is actually plausible.
Generosity is giving to others without thinking first about whether or not you have enough.
Annie, Vermont, US


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