Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The littlest BIG editor - TWYLA TWEETS

Twyla is two and a half years old, and with the magazine pages now flying around much of her playroom she has been adding her honest and sometimes curious responses to the images."Is that the scary one mummy?" "This one is good because she has wings." Twyla's 'Tweets' have become a feature in the BIG pages and we imagine they will open a conversation across all ages. Meanwhile, here in Perth, my boys zoom their Pokemon cards around with a continuous commentary highlighting their adventures and character traits. I laugh when I hear the highest 'evolved' card newly announced as having "bravery, imagination AND generosity". Not sure what the makers of the game would have to say but I am all for the BIG collision! 

Self portrait by Twyla,  age 2.5yrs
Our four children have helped us build the BIG magazine in so many ways and we thank them for holding us so brilliantly! Tomorrow we plan to sign off on the final proofs and set the First Fight of BIG Kids Magazine into print. Phew.

Self portrait #2 by Twyla, age 2.5yrs

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