Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday week for our BIG girls

Two girls, two birthday's, two cities, two stories: Swan diving, turtle dreaming, spin riding, music box opening and a doll's cradle re-made for the daughter of your daughter (thanks Grannie), paper bag rainbows,  guest star singers, blueberry treasure, flying friends landing, family dancing, tall trees and tents, little icing hands holding big, stories whispered after bed...

It has been a BIG birthday week. My baby girl turned from one to two, and Lilly's from two to three. The little ones have never met but we think each would love the other. See the post a year ago when they turned one and two. How far this ship has sailed so far - distance measured by the days of our children growing. Happy days girls.  xx

2 year old birthday girl
Nadia in half dress morning unwrapped wonder 
Twyla waiting for Nadia Sunde, guest of honour at 3rd birthday

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