Thursday, December 29, 2011

Side by Side: The Lost Kingdom of Birds and The Most Guarded Treasure

The Lost Kingdom of Birds
Monika Jayamaha, Western Australia
The Most Guarded Treasure, mixed media, Abi, age 9, Qld

The most guarded treasure

 A treasure was hidden in the highest tower - Guarded by the most fearsome dragon and the cutest alien with a bazooka.
A headless man was walking on the entrance pebbles.  
An imposter missing a hand was trying to reach the treasure from a gnarled tree.
 Everything is green and blue - Green for slime and blue for cold fearful people. 
 Everything is still life. Not a speck of movement from the west or the east.  
The only thing moving was the cold wind or maybe a swoop from a vulture.
By Abi Grzegrzolka, age 9


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