Thursday, January 12, 2012

The BIG meeting: The making of a magazine and other news

Behind me is a bag spilling over with the papers, reference magazines and treasure I am taking with me for when I land at Lilly's side in a few days.

We have 13 years to catch up on, and a very BIG three day agenda.
There is a magazine to be made. Our 2nd edition. We have 64 pages to curate and already hundreds of pages of copy and images printed ready for a first draft.  Plan is to create a mock up mag to take to the production meeting scheduled next week with the WA based BIG Kids team members, Luca and Pippa.

In preparing for our first BIG meet, Lilly organises a live-in carer for Twyla  (the same Rose who first introduced us 13years ago!), writes up an agenda and asks me what I like to eat. I innocently joke about a coffee machine and turns out SHE DOESN'T HAVE ONE!

We laugh at the sudden descriptions we give each other of ourselves, I frown a lot but am not Grumpi just thinking, and make a pact to work side by side no matter what. Thankfully, we will get to find our feet in the dark quiet of the theatre as we will steal the first night to watch my dance collaborator Paea Leach performing in Babel at the Sydney Festival.
We are pretty much beside ourselves in anticipation of the BIG meet.

In other news
I keep winning things on blogs. The new book by Beci Orpin,  a double pass to the movie Melancholia and a bottle of cake wine (thanks Beci!). You can win a copy of her book, A compendium of Me this week on the The Design Files.

We have just been featured on the very cool Classic Play blog.

The three boys and I will see the Perth Premiere of the new Studio Ghibli film Arietty tonight while Lilly enters the famous Spiegeltent with Twyla to see the the awesome Holly Throsby tomorrow. Such fun!

Treasure Boats giveaway map 
The Treasure Boats exhibition is in its final week and there is a fabulous new map giveaway from Jo at A Little Bit Of This for one boat builder who sails their ship to Lilla a. The final fleet will be printed in the BIG pages. Sail your boats in here!

Submissions for Treasure Maps artwork close on JAN 30th. There are the most awesome contributions flying in and as we collect it with compass in hand we marvel as the story of treasure reveals itself.
Send your maps in to us, it is easy - sit down with your child and ask them to think of a place they would REALLY like to go and then get them to draw, paint, write or dance the way there! 

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