Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sandy Savas Ocean Maps

Almost every day we receive the most beautiful responses to BIG prompts and provocations from children and artists all over the world. Some time ago art teacher Sandy Savas, from a small town in California, sent in a response by her students to our very own Grumpilina and Grumpilotta. More recently her students responded to our Treasure Call with these gorgeous ocean maps sent all the way from the other side of the Pacific ocean. 

We would so love to be able to print every contribution in the BIG pages and we spend many late nights finding ways to expand space so that more of the beautiful work we receive will fit. You will find these underwater worlds hidden in the next issue of BIG Kids Magazine but they are far smaller than the oceans they map. 

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My treasure is flowers. They are really pretty. I had to go through buildings and I rode the hawk and go through a path of stars and then I went down and crossed the street. The truck waited for me. Then I stepped over a puppy and then I was at the flowers. It made me happy they are so beautiful. I love my treasure.
Zara , age 5

Luca, age 7
I am searching for a candy tree because I crave sweets. Sweets are delicious. I often find myself wanting more. I had to cross flames from a burning house that caught so long ago but because the fire was so big, it never burns out. Then I climbed over big rock and got a  few cuts but they were just little and I’m ok. I had to cross water next where I nearly drowned because the water was so deep but a dolphin came and saved me. Then I had to climb through thorns and got cut again. The cactus has little thorns .It was stuck in my hand. I ran into a pile of snakes they didn’t scare me, past red ants and electric eels, thru a cave, past medusa and finally found my candy tree. I had a good journey, lots of dangers but I’m ok. When I finally reached my treasure candy tree I was happy.
Hadley, age 7
Halleluja, age 6
My treasure is a diamond because I have a crystal collection, but I don’t have a diamond. I love crystals-they make me feel good. If I find my treasure, a  diamond, I’ll add it to my crystal collection. I had to cross a desert and some islands to find my treasure. I started my journey by crossing the ocean. I saw a giant squid. When I got to the island it was so blank it only had rocks and cactus. I was really hot eventually, I had to find fresh water to drink. That island was really long, I traveled the whole thing and I got loads of cactus thorns on me-they didn’t hurt. Then I traveled to the next island. There were rocks and cactus  and this island had a palm tree. I saw a coyote on this island. Then I crossed to the next island and it was kind of shaped like a snake and all it had on it was a cactus so I went to the next island where I found my treasure. I found a diamond. It made me feel really good because I’ve always wanted a diamond.
Luca, age 7
Oceana, age 7
Ruby is searching for a rainbow because she wants to climb it. She wants to get to the other side to find her treasure. She is searching for art. She loves art., her terrain is the ocean. She passes by dolphins, a treasure chest, pearls and fish on her journey to her treasure. I love the ocean.
Ruby, age 7
My treasure is a mermaid because I like them and they make me feel really happy. I had a journey to find my mermaid. I had to go through coral, it was so pretty. The school of silver fish were pretty. And the electric eels were gorgeous but they were dangerous. I went through a cave that was really dark but I liked it because there were pretty and nice animals in it, one was a fish dog and a cat fish. Then I saw a clown fish it was really pretty too. Then I saw the mermaid I was looking for. It made me feel really great because I love mermaids. They are really pretty.
Triana, age 5

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