Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Attention kids and artists: Ten days left to contribute to Game On!

Calling all artists, grown ups, and BIG Kids! 
Only ten days left to send in your contributions for Game On!

We love featuring the work of children and grown ups side by side so sit down with your kids and create something together, or illustrate your favourite games at a shared desk. 
Katamari Characters
Mika, age 5, Melbourne
If you are feeling stuck for ideas here are some to get you started, otherwise imagine your wildest game adventure and begin - who knows where you might end up!

 What is your favourite game of all time? Close your eyes and imagine playing the game. Imagine winning. Imagine losing. Draw the inside of your brain or heart when you are winning and/or when you are losing.

Create a brand new game character that no one else has thought of. Does it have a name? What invented game is it from? 

 Draw/paint/collage/dance/write your response to a character from a game you love - the Horse, Castle or Queen from Chess, a snake from Snakes and Ladders, the 'Chance' man from Monopoly...

Write a story about the scariest, funniest or cleverest game ever invented

 Brain synapses firing in full game mode
Ruby, age 12, New Zealand 

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