Monday, June 11, 2012

BUZZ Dance Theatre

What kind of treasure do you look for in a dancer? 
"Somebody who can tell a story. It is not about how high they can kick their leg!" Cadi McCarthy, Artistic director of BUZZ Dance Theatre.

In the current issue of BIG we interview the artistic director of Buzz Dance Theatre, Cadi McCarthy who is now days away from giving birth to 'twins' - one a real live baby and the other a new dance production called "Fragile". The BIG boys - senior ed and his sidekick - will be at the Perth opening on Saturday night and are looking forward to the puppetry and animation aspect of the dance. Fragile deals with issues of bullying and how game play can help to find a positive way forward and features dancer Peter Fares who shares a bit of his BIG life as a dancer here:

Peter Fares, photo by James Welsby
First ever dance? Breakdance/hip hop routine in the middle of a Wildcats (Basketball) game in front of a huge crowd!

When did you know you wanted to be a dancer? I was in year 10 at Rossmoyne Senior High School and saw all kids having heaps of fun. Charise Parnell used to have session for boys at lunchtime and we ended up performing what we made.  Then I did one year of Business at uni while dancing with Steps Youth Dance Company before moving to study dance at WAAPA.

If you could grow up again and be something different what would it be? A visual artist even though I am really bad at drawing!

How do you manage your Dancing days? I am very good with how I plan my lifestyle as a dancer. I always make time to do my own thing. Lots of dancers keep their mind on dance 24/7 but I back away for a bit and enjoy the holidays!

What do you treasure most in your life? Friends and family and especially my mum.

See Peter perform in Fragile from June 16. We can't wait!

Bravery is being a strong person in your mind.
Imagination is experience.
Generosity is love. 

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  1. oh i wish i could see fragile!
    i have a big heart for dance
    especially because our 16 yr. old
    son's a dancer...LOVE it!
    YES to telling our story!


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