Thursday, February 10, 2011

The familial nest

Families are incredible structures in themselves. Your position in the pecking order determined by so many things. We love the way this awesome family has got together to contribute these portrait birds in the familial nest (baby Joe's contribution was to sleep in order to allow time for the whole creative process to take flight!) We also love Karen's Earthly Joyride blog of creative ideas. Very cool. Thanks guys!
Note to all bird-watchers: If you want to add your creation to the BIG blog, you have five days left to fly them here!

A square of florist foam, rounded and hollowed out. Lots of thick impasto glue. An impressive array of twigs, leaves, gumnuts, bark and fronds from a walk around Studley Park Boathouse a few weeks ago. A few pairs of eager hands willing to stick, dig, place, manipulate and create a bird's nest.

Tom comments on the skills of the birds in building their nests "without even a base like we have! And they don't have hands!"

More glue for the birds. Torn newspaper over polysterene balls. Two big ones for the Mummy and Daddy birds. Three smaller ones for the Tom, Annalise and Joe birds. Paint colours selected carefully. Cardboard beaks added and pinned. Eyes painted and wings created.

Each little bird carefully placed in the best nest position. A little nudging and shoving. "I want my bird to be next to the Daddy bird!"

There, it's finished, it's us.

Karen (37), Tom (7) and Annalise (4), Melbourne


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