Sunday, February 13, 2011

India and the Island bird

We are 24hours out from the end of our BIG Bird Call and you still have time to contribute with your birds, words or flight details. Today, two long distance birds soared into the BIG nest, and it seemed impossible that they could fly so far. If your bird has not yet appeared, please be sure it will fly in the next couple of weeks as we get our BIG sky in order. We have so many awesome birds here waiting in the wings and contributions are posted when a match is made, not in the order of arrival. It is getting so very noisy in here now and we couldn't resist the momentary calm that quietened the flock with the landing of Sreyasi's Kite, and Anica's Shape of a Bird.

Sreyasi, 12, India
The Shape of a Bird

I gave her my heart, and she flew with it, in the shape of a bird, all the way to far, far, far.

She never once said she’d give it back.

When she arrived there, they didn’t know what to make of my small heart, so far from home. A soft, pulsing thing.

I waited. I waited hundreds of years for her to finish with it, not knowing it was in her nest, beating without me.

The nest was deep and filled not with eggshell but with the things that once mattered to her.

My heart was one of them.

Anica Boulanger-Mashberg, Hobart, Tasmania
Anica is editor of the very beautiful Islet Magazine.

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