Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bravery in waiting

"There’s nothing wrong with fear; the only mistake is to let it stop you in your tracks". Twyla Tharp

We are waiting for the magazine. The relief of finally signing off and letting it go quickly replaced by an anxious wait.
Wonderful people are subscribing. The launch date is set. The magazine is printing. But where we imagined we would a little bit breathe again, we are not. The learning curve is steep and relentless still. Paypal. BAS. Banking. Invoicing. Blogging. Selling. Distributing. Communicating. Mistaking. Trusting. Waiting. Worrying. Saving. Lurching. Spending. Editing. Decision-making. Dead-lining. Printing. Designing. Form-ing. Phoning. Issn-ing. Statistic-ing. Prioritising. Platforming. Commenting. Surfing. Waving. Washing. Learning.


Lilly and I work like wonders when it is the creative magazine-making at play, but the world AROUND it is invigorating at best and mostly just hard slog. I am literally swaying in my chair and try to spin it around on its BIG axis until it stops again at researching, writing, creating, dancing, dreaming. Breathing.

What has given us space is our foraging toward the next edition, and the creative folk who have been having a party on arrival in our inbox!
We fell instantly in love with Gerry who is the brainchild of author and app-queen, Melissa Northway. Melissa once helped to get a magazine off the ground in Japan and it was great to connect with someone who shared an instant understanding of our journey. Following her success with her first storybook app Penelope the Pirate, Melissa tells us her latest work is a story about overcoming obstacles and demonstrates that if one works hard - good things just might come your way! You can read about Melissa's story of perseverance and her interest in the world of storybook apps here. Gerry the Giraffe is soon to be released and you can follow news re the launch date here. Thanks Melissa!

Sketch of Mama and baby by Jennifer Mercede for Gerry the Giraffe by Melissa Northway  
Sketch Gerry born
He is newborn, a bit shaky on his legs but also strong and ultimately brave.

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