Friday, April 20, 2012

BIG voice of an emerging artist: Emma Fishwick

We are so pleased to have Emma join us via JUMP, the National Mentoring Program for Young and Emerging Artists. I will be working with Emma on the development of her own work as choreographer and visual artist and she will also enjoy an inside role with BIG this year. We have invited her to contribute a couple of key blog posts to mark her journey with us and we hope you enjoy her adventures as an emerging artist in the world!   

Puzzle necklace designed by Emma for her if.ab project
Hello Big and Little Kids,

My name is Emma Fishwick, I'm an emerging Perth artist with a creative practice incorporating dance, visual arts, design and the written word. I'm very fortunate to be currently under the guidance of the wonderful Jo Pollitt as part of my JUMP mentorship. JUMP is a program run by Propel Youth Arts Organisation and the Australian Arts Council to enable emerging artists to form a relationship with a professional artist of their choice. Jo and Lilly have generously opened the doors of Big Kids to me and my work, now I hope to give back by joining in on some of the aspects of their BIG world. 

In April Propel is running KickstART Youth Festival as part of the National Youth Week. This Saturday the flagship event of the festival is the KickstART Youth Markets to feature, celebrate and inspire the young people of Western Australia. I will be showcasing my design label if.ab PROJECT and featuring BIG Kids Magazine at the Markets held from 11am-5pm in the Perth Cultural Centre Northbridge (directly opposite PICA). Come down to support some amazing young artists and designers and even try your hand at completing a cover of BIG Kids Magazine! 


Pencil rings designed by Emma for her  if.ab project
Pencil enclose designed by Emma for her if.ab project

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