Friday, September 30, 2011

And here we are: The BIG launch

Today is the official launch of BIG Kids Magazine.

The First Flight edition is the result of the work of incredible children and artists who have all  contributed so generously to this long journey to print. Our huge thanks to you all, to the BIG team, to eight year old senior editor Luca, to Karen Comer for her editing eye and to Maree Oaten for her wonderful design.

You can subscribe to BIG Kids Magazine here or head to our new stockists page to find where our BIG mags are quietly waiting to be found.

We are so thilled to finally be standing at the edge of this BIG vision.

xxx Jo and Lilly

Thank you Nadia Sunde for sharing your little boat with us in celebration of our BIG launch x

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The B.I.G Artcard project: Virginie Dreyer and Tiny-us

Bravery. Imagination. Generosity. Character Artcards by Virginie Dreyer at Tiny-us for BIG Kids Magazine.

The Smart Animals
Virginie Dreyer:  We are so happy to introduce the gorgeous Virginie Dreyer from Tiny-us as one of our First Flight edition B.I.G Artcard project artists. Tiny-us is feel good giving at its best - you choose a paper doll, card or print from the website, choose the amount you wish to pay for it, receive your ready to print designs and the entire donation goes directly to the ‘Presence’ charity to help support a school in the south of France for children with developmental disabilities.  VERY cool! Her latest offering is a series of prints called 'The Smart Animals', you can see more of them and all of her designs here, and you can of course see her character cards in BIG Kids Magazine.
Paper doll card by Tiny-us

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