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SEED to SKY is about emergence, seeding new ideas and environments, both real and imagined. Abundant growth and the natural world. Wild things. Grown and Growing. Unfurling. 

We would love your creative response to the theme SEED to SKY. You can write, film, paint, dance, draw, sew or sing your contributions which will be considered for publication on our blog and/or in the pages of BIG Kids Magazine*. 

You could:

1. Paint a page filled with the colour of forest greens OR photograph a tangle of vines OR draw an undiscovered garden made out of steel and string OR stitch a ladder to the sky OR make a recycled artwork OR invent a new flower OR design an intricate underground water saving system OR construct a treehouse OR sketch a city made entirely of windows OR film a dance in the dirt OR script a play about a colony of tiny creatures OR pen a poem on a leaf.


2. Send high resolution images, sound bites, videos or word docs  of your work including the title of the work, your name, age (if you're a child) and location by July 15th.

*All entries will be considered for publication in the print pages of the magazine or on the blog. Acceptance of submission does not guarantee publication. 

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