BIG Kids Magazine inspires bravery, imagination and generosity through collaborations between children, parents, diverse communities, and contemporary artists working across creative disciplines. BIG is dedicated to offering a world view that is expansive, embracing, unusual, provocative, and driven by discovery, response, experimentation and contribution. 

·  BIG provides a platform for artists across disciplines to collaborate with children and young people from all over the world nurturing co-authorship, correspondence, relationship and the well-being that can grow out of authentic connection and conversation.

·  BIG invites, provokes and publishes real responses from kids and artists, parents and caretakers, educators, visionaries and practitioners so that ideas, issues and stories are seen from different perspectives and told in new ways.

·  BIG Recognizes that creative practice inspires inquiry, reflection, awareness and action on a personal and global scale and is committed to participating in social, cultural and environmental change.

·  BIG prioritizes inclusion so that all children and young people regardless of race, religion, or social demographic are welcome, encouraging the growth of compassionate and tolerant communities.

·  BIG challenges hierarchies of who is listening and who is speaking, amplifies small voices in BIG ways, values the participation of a junior editorial staff and makes visible unseen, overlooked and unusual perspectives.

BIG is a poetic and tangible place of ongoing discovery.
    Jo Pollitt and Lilly Blue ©2010/2012

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