Monday, January 9, 2012

The Obliteration Room: BIG on Location at GOMA

"Can I really stick these anywhere mama, really?!"
Twyla, age 3
 Most people who are blogging about Yoyoi Kusama's Obliteration Room at GOMA in Brisbane say something about kids being given 1000's of stickers, but we were there, and we KNOW that it was kids AND grown ups going wild with colour and sharing the experience side by side. It was wonderful to be in a space where people were interacting with each other and their kids so openly, without distraction. Strangers were talking to each other and most devices were in pockets or handbags as everyone was so busy with the work of obliteration.

"I never thought there could be a whole table covered in spots!"
Twyla, age 3
"I wonder why everyone left the duck so lonely"
Twyla, age 3
Yoyoi Kusama's Look Now, See Forever is on at GOMA in Brisbane until march 11. There is also a wonderful page of Games for Kids where you can participate in a virtual reenactment of The Obliteration Room and lots of other very cool interactive play.


  1. Wow, takes the song 'put a spot over here...' to another level! Wish we could go but I live too far away. My kids do this at home all over the furniture and I have to keep giving them paper or cardboard (otherwise my house would look like the obliteration room!) plus antique furniture doesn't take to stickers very well. xxCorrina.

  2. This is extrodinary, how cool. Will check out the virtual room.


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