Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home open, house keeping

With our BIG home now open, we at last begin to send the blog link out to our friends and contacts. Feedback and support is starting to roll back to us so generously, we decide we will celebrate the beginning of BIG by making a gift of one of Lilly's original works to one of our blog 'followers' early in the new year.

Right now though, we laugh about needing a housekeeper here, to sort the sidelines, list the links, scribe our discussions of copywrite and rights, selling and selling out, brand and business, potential and management, and sweep out the mountain of 'draft' posts collecting on our dashboard!

Between housekeeping and home opens, we spend our time in the (art-making) 'work' of it. People have asked how (and why?!) we fit this BIG thing in, and for us both, it seems the work and the collaboration has a will of its own, an unexpected driver that propells words, images and quickfire response accross-country.
We try to keep track of progress and process;

- The postcard is about to go to print...with Lilly's image of the flagship gatherer set to sail around the world to act as both a landmark link to the blog and a BIG invitation.

- Grumpilina and Grumpilotta write and image themselves faster than we can keep up, and we are currently working on their world written for the very young, with pockets of poetry complete with wrap around aprons for our Grumpi ladies to share out with the under fives's.

-Our first invitation to artists and children of all ages to contribute to Issue 1 of BIG Kids Magazine is ready; 'BIRD CALL' will be released in the next week.

The BIG world drafts and re-drafts its way between Sydney and Perth and we take the time to land with each other before it gets bigger.

dreaming a BIG world 
                                                                                                                         illustration by lilly


  1. Congratulations, it is so close you can almost touch it.

  2. I just discovered BIG via Leaf. Paper for Life, and I am excited, this is going to be big. I could never dream to write so well but I have my own big dreams that suit my talents, also involving collaborating talented creators. So I will indulge my lack of writing skills and passion for art and creative ventures by soaking up your magazine. very impressed and super excited!

  3. Hi Prue,
    Thanks so much for your support! And here's to finding ongoing treasure on your yellow brick road :)


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