Friday, November 5, 2010

Long distance art direction

Today I had an invigorating phone meeting with a generous and imaginative Sydney based art director who is helping with the practicalities of this magazine making. (Skype was down but the baby slept through!)

I love the way working long distance can make communication become personal so quickly. The geographical space between two known points seems to generate a shared platform that invites openess, demands clarity and bring ideas closer together with a sense of fair play and honesty.

Lilly and I are working like wildfire to formalise the intangible, design fonts, collate stories, realise characters and map our way into this BIG world; all in our seperate studios, side by side on either side of the country.

It stirs constant butterflies on the inside of my bones to see BIG taking shape so solidly outside of my imagination.

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  1. Lilly, I am intrigued by this project you are embarking with your friend. It sounds brilliant. We must catch up for a coffee, it has been many months since the art show at lady game. Email me and let's make a time.
    Maree x


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