Thursday, December 9, 2010

A BIG Explanation


We hear you.  What exactly is this BIG thing?

Right now BIG is a blog that shares and reveals the behind the scenes processes and communication of two mother artists at work creating a new magazine for kids and big kids everywhere. We do the BIG work in the slipstream of our lives amid continuing exhibitions, performances, teaching and daily creative practices. The blog is a real time map of the making of the magazine and the evolving BIG world as we image and write our way into it. Posts are variously art gallery, journal entry, book chapter, academic, responsive, curious and clear, featuring;
Pockets of what the printed magazine will look like.
Episodic stories and characters of the BIG world.
Business basics and renderings involved in the making of a magazine.
Insights into the lives of mother artists.
A rare and open view of creative process and collaboration.
Opportunities to contribute artwork and stories online and in print.
Information about creativity and kids.
An inside view of collaborations between artists and kids.
Platforms for creative choice and philanthropic potential.

Immediately BIG becomes bigger than we imagined and we run to catch up with it, writing manifestos at midnight to harbour an evolving BIG vision and lighthouse our future and fire.  

The Flagship gatherer sorts provisions and scrubs the deck. Cleaning and clearing the way for more.

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