Sunday, December 12, 2010


An invitation to contribute in a BIG way!

Artists, children, parents, carers, visionaries and friends around the world, see your work featured here at BIG Kids Magazine! Respond to the BIRD CALL, and contribute to this BIG event by choosing one or both of the following:

1. CREATE an image of a bird in any medium you choose (drawn, photographed, built, folded, soldered or danced). Your bird can be exactingly real or wildly imagined.

 2. WRITE no more than 100 words describing your first flight.
 Real or invented. Boarding pass details or poetry.

SEND your birds and words via good quality Jpeg images or Word documents only to:

All contributions received by Feb 14th 2011 will be featured on the blog.

Add your wings to this first BIG flight where work by artists and kids will sit side by side!

 Luca (6, Perth)                                                                                                                                                           Lilly (40, Sydney)   

The BIG small print:
Contributors give the publishers full rights to use/edit any images or words in any way for the magazine and blog.
Contributors will not receive any renumeration for their artwork.
Contributors will be fully acknowledged for any work that is published.
BIG retains the right not to publish inappropriate or unsuitable material.
All approved contributions will be featured here on the blog in a stand alone page called the NEST.
Selected contributions may be published in the first print issue of BIG Kids Magazine.

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