Saturday, December 18, 2010

Two artists think on a ship

Chloe's clay bird
Two artists sit on a pirate ship while Kindergarten kids dance around inside.

The artist, 40, asks the artist, 7, why do you so like making art?

The artist, 7, replies "Well it's just like my thing, well it seems so simple when you get really good at it, and I am really good at it."

"I just get my ideas by imagining them in my brain, when I think of something cool I just make a picture of it. I think other artists might make little stuff then they make it then it all really comes out of your brain".

"Imagination is when you think of cool stuff and you want to try and make it real, or sometimes it might be real and you want to draw a picture of it and that is like a memory."

"I was about four when I first wanted to be an artist, and that's when I did my first really great painting and there were no really white spaces on it, it didn't look like anything real, I did lots of colours, I did lots of grey and then I put lots of colours over it, then my mum put it in a frame and now we have it in our living room, so like I would never forget that time"

The older artist remembers the younger artist as a student when she was 4 saying "I am going to be Picasso when I grow up". When pressed about how she knew about Picasso, the younger artist said "I already knew about him when I was born." 

"Well one day I was making an angel when I was at pottery and I made this angel I glazed it and my mum saw it and she really liked it and I felt proud of myself"

"You don't have to learn to be an artist you just have to be a really good thinker" says the artist, 7, to the artist, 40.


Thank you Chloe.

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