Monday, January 10, 2011

Doodle birds

I have begun doodling birds. They are funny things, with many many wings and always with their feet on the ground. I don't know what it was that suddenly prompted me to respond to our call out after all this time. I am not at all an artist in that sense but my collection of pen birds grows and makes me laugh.  Have a go now...pick up the nearest pen or pencil and doodle a bird on whatever scrap of paper is nearby. They don't have to fly anywhere in particular...but I do think to make a post of doodle birds...

And with the doodle birds come lists and lists of birds...Character birds (Big bird, Wise Owl in Winnie the Pooh, Tweety bird, Road runner), Blog birds (millions!), Book birds (To kill a mockingbird, One Flew over the Cuckoos nest),  Song birds (Blackbird by the beatles, Rockin Robin), Dance birds (Swan lake, ADT's BIRDBRAIN,  Jennifer Monson's project of the same name following the migration of birds), Bird calls (listen here to a kookaburra and other bird calls on the Birds Australia site) and the Bird-watcher birds; 'twitchers'...

I find my way swooping in and out of endless other bird projects, flight risks, and the many artistic birds I know.

The lists bring a certain order and flight path for future: The year starts its negotiations in full this week, with two new theatre projects beginning in the studio as well as a design brief to be sorted for BIG. Meanwhile, Lilly is hanging upside down on the island somewhere in the midst of circus yoga workshops and a house full of boys making films for Kids Tropfest. We make plans to finally meet amid the madness. Face to face. Lilly will fly to me (she has less children!) and there will finally be magazine making in the same room.

The magazine will definately have a Mr Squiggle style doodle bird page for the kids and BIG kids...the bird in your hand is calling you...doodle it..and feel free to add to the bird lists!

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