Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birds never land, cats never catch them

Che and bird, Eva fernandez, Perth

"Che" is the cat of fab Perth photographer, Eva Fernandez, and he has featured in a few theatrical photo-shoots about town! You can see more of Eva's gorgeous studio and childrens portrait work here and more about her practice here. Che pounced here at BIG unable to resist being amongst all these birds. He certainly caused a bit of a flutter in the BIG sky but luckily I found Hannah's bird, who travels by stealth and looks never to land near dear Che as she rests while remaining in perpetual flight. A sky bird who never lands. (I can think of a few of those!) Still, I put my words between them, just in case. Meowww.

Hannah, 11, Perth

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  1. Mmm, I know a few sky birds too, particularly maternal ones! Wings always in motion, always off to feather the nest but rarely do they rest there ...


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