Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lilly and the Love Bird

"Love Bird" Humphrey, 6, Perth
I painted this at a bird sanctuary in Kalbarri.
I've been to Kalbarri, it's so fun, there is a river just over the road


Received the “The Mystery Envelope” filled with postcards, drawings, photos and other pretty things.
One postcard read “Imagination can take you anywhere”.
Where is my imagination?
In between my eyebrows I found my secret eye!”

I found myself lying on a white gigantic moving cloud.
Sliding down the colour blue all the drawings started to take shape and with my magic camera I took photos of my “First Forever Flight”
Elena Iacovou, Sydney
Lilly has landed with washing flying, commissions circling, girlchild growing and bits of the circus still in her hair. Immediately our live chat email picks up where it left off and we thunder through a thousand overlapping thoughts, proposals, questions and winged things. The BIG bird flock is circling in a holding pattern that is awesome to watch.We are completely caught up with the BIG navigation and begin again amid the heady slipstream of continuous first flight.
Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Bali, by Jo Vanderzwan, Perth

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  1. humphrey's painting has moved me....gorgeous colours and strokes. well done! x Maria


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