Friday, March 25, 2011

The BIG paper doll giveaway

Twyla holding Dugong Cat doll
To celebrate the BIG new banner and the beginning of the next BIG stage in the actual making of this magazine we are excited to announce our first ever giveaway! This duet of very apt and beautiful original paper dolls will fly to someone who comments either here or on our facebook page by Sunday night in response to "What is your fav kids magazine or book?" 
I came across the beautiful paper dolls of Sarah Grenard at the Finders Keepers Market  in Sydney and both Twyla and I were enamored. I talked with Sarah between the noise about children and paper. Mostly we smiled at each other. I bought a dugong cat doll for my little bird who held her tenderly for many days until her edges softened and bent.

I emailed Sarah to say thank you. She emailed back to say she would love to be involved in BIG and offered to make a doll as a gift for one of our readers. I wrote back to say thank you.

Not long after that a package arrived with a note that said:
Here are a couple of friends - a girl and a duck (I say)while Hester my daughter is quite firm it's a pigeon. Anyway, we did agree that she is wearing boots.

Paper Duck-Pigeon doll
Sarah Grenard
Paper Doll
Sarah Grenard


  1. these are incredible! really lovely

  2. my favorite kid's book - hands down I must say William Steig's "Silvester and the Magic Pebble" ~ my tattered copied from my childhood holds a prominent place on my bookshelf. This book had a magical quality about it when I was a kid (which it still conjures) - often my brother and I would take turns living out the story through imaginary play...Steig is a master indeed - both in story and illustration...thanks for the prompt which took me down memory lane!

  3. Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson :)

  4. My favourite childhood read was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I collect illustrated copies to this day...Arthur Rackham's version is a big favourite, as is John Tenniel's. Ralph Steadman's is wonderful...I could go on there are so many brilliantly illustrated versions by many talented artists

  5. Thanks for your comments and inspired books! I am constantly emptying pebbles from the pockets of my boys so will track down a copy of your wonderful Magic Pebble pronto dthaase! And Emma I've have had fun reading up on the Moomintroll collection! As for Alice WELL, I love it too and one of my most memorable performance gigs was as Alice herself in Terrapin Puppet theatres adaptation of the classic. I ALWAYS think of at least six impossible things before breakfast ;)
    We had some fab posts on facebook and our winner this time came from there... if you havn't already please hit the facebook badge and spread the word! BIG thanks x

  6. I know its too late for the giveaway, but my fav kids book is The boy who painted the sun. I had a copy when I was a kid and adored it, the illustrator was a family friend and I loved searching through each picture in detail. My son loved it also and we had to talk about what was on each page finding things we missed before...

    Alexander lives on a farm, where he enjoys the life and colour of the animals around him - sheep (and a brown dog who helps to round them up), cows, chickens, a cat and her kittens - and a tall grey horse which Alexander will one day ride. When he is big enough. But times are hard. People are moving to the city. The farm is sold. Miserable with his new life in a crowded city street, Alexander is given a box of paints with which he paints the colours of the country on the city walls. He even paints the sun! As he sleeps, his pictures come to life and bring new hope.

  7. Thanks Rex! Yes to colours of the country on city walls! Looks fabulous, am onto our local libraries for a copy.

  8. Beautiful dolls! We love Jan Brett's books.


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