Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boatbird and the Caravan of Compassion

Earlier this year a friend and champion went on an incredible road trip to fly kites for the people waiting in Leonora. The kids who are waiting there are real and they want to play. This second episode of BoatBird is dedicated to all children on a difficult journey. Read the first episode here.

Boatbird (Part 2)

Boatbird gazed into the water, into ghosts of boats and worlds turned around and upside down and he quietly remembered the  depth and clarity he had packed into his heart...

...With his last strength, he tossed the boat atop his head and turned his beak from the scene. Would it still float? And how would he make his way to the little brave boat now that he could neither fly nor swim...? (He could not watch.)

The little boat stood.
Like a kite on the water.
And Boatbird realised he was holding onto the end of the line.
He was holding onto his future, and the future was tugging him.
His journey was about to begin...

Boatbird images by Lilly, words by Jo. Ideas, content, and response for images and words and the space between them belong to both artists. All rights reserved.(For all children on a difficult journey)

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