Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Emerging artists

Barney, 8

Mia Holton, Perth

Wandering through Finders Keepers Market in Sydney I came across 8year old Barney standing alone behind a stall. Big smile, confident and engaging. Not only was the card I fell in love with illustrated by him, but the business of creating and selling cards was his also! I have a suspicion we are going to see more of Barney as BIG grows and we begin to gather our young editorial team. Barney's 'bird match' above is by Mia Holton, a multi-media artist of exceptional talent.
All flight to these two emerging, original and inspired ways of seeing the world!


  1. Wow, talent galore, I love the creativity and expanse of interpretations seen on this blog, good on you as I believe every age has talent to share. Seems to be as we get older some outgrow needed curiosity thats why your blog is so wonderful, it reminds us not to outgrow that which is so precious, love of seeing and creating in all media. big Bird Hugs!

  2. i LOVE Barney's blue bird - really fantastic, what a talented artist.

  3. Wonderful concept to engage artists with young people and open up the opportunity for creative response. There is a whole world of interpretation from just one image or story or idea.

    I love those feathers on Barney's bird.

    Sally, UK


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