Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the road, dancing

I have just returned from Melbourne where there was much dance. It was massive. A collision of past and present crossover worlds saw me walking between shows with this BIG thing quietly dancing in my pocket. In a back street I met an artist photographing a 'happy pile of rubbish' and he gave Nadia a tiny red paper paper crane from his 'pile' of hundreds.We will feature his work soon. For now, we take in the beast of the new BIG banner and begin to press 'send' on links and connections we have been so patiently waiting to reach out to. It is a second BIG lift off. Phase two of many.  The birds below fly from nomads, Paea is a dancer currently touring in Europe (today Portugal), and Bonnie Grace is travelling Australia with her family in a van of endless adventure. We will feature more on 'BG' very soon. Like them, BIG is at large on the road, and we invite the adventure of it all, both great and small. Have wings, will travel.
Paea, On the Road, Brussels, Europe

BG, 8, On the Road, Australia

Paea Leach, On the Road, Europe

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  1. Wow, I love that little yellow bird. And also your BIG magazine. :-)


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