Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Competition.

As co-creators of this BIG ship. We take turns in navigation. Trusting the other will spy rock and steer us well. And sometimes we see the same rock differently. And then what? There is listening. And counter argument. And the one with the greatest gut wins. And the other accepts it. And takes disappointment on the chin. Like a child, a little grumpy but soon engaged with the next wave and past the rock completely.

I wanted to enter a competition to give us some instant BIG cash and a business fast track. I wrote the application and had a feeling we were a strong contender. Lilly felt the same, and then asked me to pull the application. I did. Because I knew it was not right. That for a company like ours to be ethical and brave, we could not. But I am still a bit grumpy. And I think it is mainly because I want to see if we could/would win!

In my house tonight I had an extra child. An international, visiting from London. Squashed in age between my two boys, the resulting trysts were hilarious. Before bed there were re-enactments of the Cirque du Soleil performance we had just witnessed (thanks Grannie!): all strong men and acrobats and silent movie film stars careering around in the playroom til WAY beyond bedtime. Wind down consisted of gluey fingers sticking paper-monsters, a collaborative calamity of a shoebox house (I am no queen of craft!) and a drawing competition. The competition winner was decided by a spinning pencil. The 5yr old judge spun it repeatedly until his brother won. In the end it was decided the visitor should win. Skill played no part in the decider as they agreed all were brilliant. Paper medals were made up. And a very wonky trophy. Photos were taken, the picture gallery hung, and the satisfied winners eventually all tumbled sleepwards.

I sat with the paper trophy and let myself wonder. And then I went back to the competition entry and deleted my submission. Crossing each other out in the over-rule? No.
A lighthouse at a pivotal BIG juncture in the making of this magazine? Yes.
Thanks Lilly.

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