Friday, April 8, 2011

Father/ Daughter FireBirds

BG, 8, On the road
Paul Macklin, On the Road
BG, 8, On the Road

 I have a firebird staying in my house. She is the Rose that introduced Lillly and I so many years ago. She is on the road for many reasons.

Bonnie Grace and her dad Paul  are on the road too. There are four of them, a family, traveling around Australia in a camper van. Learning from life and loving the challenge and freedom of their journey. We will tell more of their adventures soon!

Paul Macklin, Firebird

BG, 8, Bluebird


  1. This is great to see! My son who is five draws birds too, and I thought he was the only one.... i collect them on flickr..,.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful birds. BG, I think Blue Bird is my favourite.

    Michelle xx

  3. Gorgeous pictures Jo.

    I love the big blue bird!


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