Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Imagine BIG

We have been documenting BIG thinking. We doodle logo ideas, gather projects, compile content, write copy for media kits, and refine our vision late into the night. We get clear about what we are offering in BIG. Bravery, Generosity, Imagination: A creative arts organisation for kids that is passionate about  the rigour of quality art practice, neither as elitist nor hobby but as a holistic way of thinking and an everyday way of engaging, viewing and responding to the world.  BIG is totally over the sexualization of kids in some fashion spreads and by some marketing companies, and totally into magnifying childhood worlds where kids are free to be kids.

Instead of tiring at the magnitude of work before us, we are increasingly passionate and inspired (and yes, a little sleep deprived!) We are getting ever closer to launching this BIG thing, and thank you for hanging in there and watching as we grow this wilful baby! BIG Kids Magazine is making us wish we could read it already!

Imagine a kids magazine that is aesthetically beautiful yet not limited in style or theme. Imagine artwork and responses from children published side by side the work of emerging and established artists. Imagine a world that enables children to storyboard their passions and create a unique mini 'zine' of their own. Imagine a 'secret' section, a pop out paper playground, or a ‘world’ that can be designed from scratch. Imagine a limited edition pull out art print that can be saved and framed. Imagine the conversations of a junior editorial team at play as they contribute to the content and vision of their magazine. Imagine projects inspiring collaborations between kids and their grandparents, or with a child on the other side of the world. Imagine a world class artist collaborating and responding to the work of a child.

Imagine what kids can imagine, and you have the BIG picture!

Logo ideas doodle

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