Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Introducing the BIG Junior Editors

Barney, age 8, (Sydney, NSW)

by Barney
by Barney
Bravery is closing my eyes in the dark

Imagination is my art

Generosity is putting my brothers smelly socks away
 Luca, age 8, Perth, Western Australia
Bravery is if you jump off a plank and save them
Imagination is when you think up something and just do it
Generosity is how you be to people

by Luca

BG, age 10, NSW
Bravery is doing what is right even though others think it is wrong.
Imagination is the space called creativity and also helps us to learn and solve problems phyisically mentally and emotnaliy in a postive and creative way(sic).
Genrosotiy is giving with out payment but with love no matter how great(sic).
by BG
These three spirited, brave, imaginative and generous kids have set the benchmark for BIG things. They were original contributors to Bird Call and now will directly participate in choosing content for BIG Kids Magazine. If you know a child who might like to come on board the BIG ship as an integral part of the crew,  we would love to hear from you. We have 2 final spots for the junior editorial team and some further 'positions' for kids who want to be on a list of 'BIG supporters' who just want to 'respond' to ideas, have their say or be a 'tester' of BIG things, when and if they feel like it. 
We are so excited to welcome Luca, BG and Barney and to hearing more from them in the lead up to launch day!


  1. hey this is lovely, so wonderful and exciting and nurturing and can't wait to see their approach to this BIG step for the magazine, how fun!

    onya everyone!

  2. Great idea. I love these responses and the artwork is wonderful.

    I think 'putting my brothers smelly socks away' could count as bravery as well as generosity! :-)


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