Thursday, May 26, 2011

And here they are! The BIG Junior Editors.

A very BIG welcome to Pippa, Jonah and Molly who join Luca, BG and Barney as our official Junior BIG editors. Hurrah!
Molly, age 11, Perth, Western Australia
Bravery is...facing fears
Imagination is...creativity
Generosity to others

Jonah, age 10,  Halls Gap, Victoria
  Bravery is... standing up for yourself and for what you believe  in.
Imagination is... letting your mind go wild.
Generosity is... helping and being nice.

Jonah, rock climbing
Pippa, age 9, Perth, Western Australia
Bravery is... when you do something you never thought you could do before.
Imagination is... what you think. If you think of something crazy or weird or funny or... pretty much anything then that's imagination!
Generosity is... when you do something to help someone else. If you give your money to the poor, it helps them so that's generosity. Putting dirty clothes in the wash is also generosity because it helps your parents and it also helps you!

 Introductions of our Junior correspondents are still to come. Creative kids are everywhere and we are gathering quite a media circus of responses to help us on this BIG journey. Places are still open for BIG correspondents - so if you know a child who would like to respond to BIG things from time to time email us at

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  1. Love all these self portraits.. Jonah is super excited.


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