Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The final post from here.

Another flurry of a BIG night. And maybe our last from this address!
I have spent the last hours between here and Chicago sorting the details with ALSO to get our BIG page ready to fly. Approved by the editorial kids team and a few ring-ins, the new BIG landing pad is very much in line with our First Flight and we hope you love it. Simultaneously, Lilly has successfully wrestled with the 'mail-chimps' to send out our first newsletter announcing our first BIG print artist. The learning curves roll in like waves, but our BIG boat is keeping us above water and there is land ahead, AND an actual magazine in sight. You can sign up for our Newsletter to get all the BIG news here.

We have a revised publication time-line which will see us still make our September launch - JUST. Time has revised a life of its own since when we first began blogging this making-of-a-magazine over 9 months ago, and from Lilly's initial YES to the beginning invitation we have stretched and tricked the minutes.
Now, at the precipice of another beginning, we nod quietly at each other across the country and hold on as BIG fastens our seat belts for another take off.   Before we go we want to say a special thank you to those who have been on the flight from the first, and a huge thanks to all of you who have found us somewhere along the way and are staying for the journey.  xx Jo and Lilly

Jane, UK, birdwatcher and photographer

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  1. You guys are amazing. As a mother of young children I appreciate so much what you are both doing for the artistic development and freedom for our children. You are coming straight from the heart to deliver a wonderful creative outlet for children in such a valued way. Thank-you.


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