Saturday, August 13, 2011

Madeleine Stamer and the BIG print

BIG Kids Magazine will include a FREE artist print with every issue sold. Each edition will profile a contemporary artist and feature a print of their original work . Not all children live in major city centers with access to art galleries and museums. By tucking an artist print into each issue of BIG and sending copies out into remote and regional areas we are hoping to inspire children to engage with art that is accessible, immediate and significant.  

We are thrilled to announce that the very lovely and profoundly generous Madeleine Stamer is the first BIG artist to be featured in the launch issue of BIG Kids Magazine.  Madeleine is a freelance illustrator and visual arts teacher from Melbourne, Australia.   You can find more about Madeleine and her truly gorgeous work at Little Circus Design and on her facebook page. All of the images featured here are by Madeleine but you will have to wait until the BIG magazine is released to see the stunning work she has created especially for you! (We LOVE it!) You can pre-order your copy of the First Flight edition or subscribe here.

Half Angel Half Bird

Come ride with me
Mother and Child

The lovers the dreamers and me

 "..find me with a brush in my left hand dipped in black ink with an array of rainbow watercolours". Madeleine Stamer

BIG will be featured in the upcoming edition of MAEVE magazine, along with a BIG giveaway of Madeleine's original work "Blue Dream Flight", created in response to the idea of First Flight. Thank you Madeleine for such a stunning celebration of our BIG launch.

Blue Dream Flight. Madeleine Stamer, 2011

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