Thursday, September 22, 2011

The BIG Cover

The BIG cover with collaborative artwork by Lilly Blue and Humphrey age 6

Twyla with the first delivery of BIG magazines

Twyla  dives in

 "Oh this is soooooo worth it!" is Luca's first-sight response to the magazine, quickly followed by "absolutely awesome!".   The boys took the mags to school today and brought them home with animated news of the BIG 'telling' as well as pages coloured in and written on. A heart lift indeed.

Nadia takes her first peak at the BIG pages
We agree to ground the anchor as we set this first flight out into the world. We ready ourselves for the inevitable flurry of feedback and prepare to weather the questions, suggestions,  responses and the storm. We try to quietly support each other as we work on our other artstreams (read income stream!): Lilly is in the studio furiously creating a new body of work for an exhibition at Art2Muse in Sydney in November while I prepare students for final solos and ready a small dance work for upcoming performances in Melbourne and New York. 

What has become clear upon seeing the magazine is the scope of our BIG work. The landing we have experienced as collaborators and the joint INVESTMENT we have made to each other and to BIG. How did we get here? Eleven months ago I had not seen Lilly for twelve years. Almost from the moment we reconnected over art we began making the BIG magazine. And now we are holding it in our hands, about to send it out for YOU to hold.

To be in the first ever BIG mail-out you need to subscribe by midnight this Saturday. Please do it and pass the BIG word on to your friends!


  1. Fantastic. very excited for you all. Can not wait to see it!

  2. I second that and so proud of you! Can't wait to hold it!! MA


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