Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Featured artist: Nadia Sunde

Not so long ago, when BIG was still pretty little, we received an email out of the blue that started like this "My name's Nadia Sunde and, like you, I'm a mother artist. My art is music." From there the conversations between us took on a life of their own and we have been swept away by Nadia's generosity and enthusiasm ever since. A few weeks ago Nadia's CD Homespun arrived in the mail here in Sydney and it has been the very joyous sound track to our days ever since. Twyla laughs hysterically at the antics of Goat and Goose and has fallen Boom Ditty Boom head over heals in love with Nadia.

Its my intention to craft songs that bring a heartfelt sense of connection to people of all ages. Whether its dancing in the kitchen to a rockabilly song about Red Rattler trains or making a rainy day nest of blankets, I love the thought that families and friends are listening and enjoying this album together.” Nadia

A sensation in the emerging Australian 'kindie indie' scene, Nadia plays real music which appeals to both kids and their grown-ups.  You can catch her on tour during the September school holidays and if you live in Northern NSW you are in for a treat as Nadia is performing on September 26th and 27th - Don't miss it!
Nadia's tour dates   

There is also a fabulous interview with Nadia in the First Flight edition of BIG Kids Magazine including some great tips for starting your child's own songwriting journey. Subscribe here

"Nadia’s new album, ‘Homespun’ features a collection of songs written by Nadia for her two children, Mia 3 and Asher 5. The songs have grown organically from the heart of her ‘rock n’ roll’ kitchen as she boils eggs, slices watermelon and dishes out warm hugs. The result is an album of music for families that resonates with warmth, humour, wonderful storytelling, soulfulness and a heartfelt sense of connection."

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  1. delightful see saw sing songing!
    & i'm gonna shop where nadia does,
    where there are colorful tights
    & big flowers to kiss my skirts!


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