Monday, September 5, 2011

One hundred thousand steps...

 Boatbird - preview page of BIG Kids Magazine

Boatbird took one hundred thousand steps to stand at the edge of the water. And we now feel like we are standing beside him after running for so long. Ten months since we raised the anchor, and still far to go.
Boatbird is our 'senior' editor's favorite part in the BIG pages. It is also page 37 - my age, and my two favourite numbers (it is the little things that hold us afloat in the relentless hours we are currently working)!  As we prepare to sign off on the final print proofs and sail BIG Kids Magazine into the future, we would like to say a very BIG thank you to all of you who have been following our journey here. We ask you now to please subscribe and whisper the BIG word to your friends about a brand new, brave, imaginative and generous creative arts magazine for kids.  It is looking so beautiful. 

Boatbird - preview pages of BIG Kids Magazine
Help! Like Boatbird we need a little help to cross the latest BIG ocean - as you may have noticed, our blog has not been running as it was since we shifted our original url to the new online BIG page. If anyone is skilled with 'blogger' please email us with your ideas about redirecting our followers and reappearing on the blogger 'dashboard'. We are missing our home base - thank you!  Jo and Lilly xx


  1. Hi guys, I have tried to put you back on my blog roll, but it does not seem to work, I thought I might try to unfollow and then follow on new web address.
    sorry, not much help. Good luck to you all as it gets closer to launch!
    I will be spreading the word.

  2. Thanks Rex and thanks to everyone who sent us an email today! We are doing our best to get the BIG blog back on the meantime please use the links on the side bar while we await a return to normal transmission!


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