Monday, October 17, 2011

Drawing, dancing, distance

Dance is the embodiment of the spirit said author Kim Scott recently at a gathering I was lucky enough to be at. Indeed. Dance is not tangible in the same way as words, neither is the idea of spirit. Both are hard to hold on to or document, and both are absolutely present.  Similarly, Lilly's lines move in ways that lift you from the page and into where you can't quite explain. She is currently in the studio creating a new body of work for her upcoming November exhibition all the while navigating the BIG demands. We each give the other the space to 'work' as much as possible, but the immersive creative process that has been so familiar to us both for so many years is unsettled by distraction and this whole BIG affair. What is a certainty is that new work will be made. New lines. New dances. New bodies, and new bodies of work. I quietly ask for a sneak peek in between the daily barrage of BIG business and write immediately in response to her images. It is this ongoing collaborative and responsive practice that supports the long distance between us and fuels the work both inside and outside of BIG. Dancing.
Lilly Blue, towards the exhibition
She sewed under overlines and caught needle pulled thread to where her hands did not expect. 
You cannot see my history through such buildings and breaks.
Cut this graphite armour and gently retrace my undoing.(jp)
Lilly Blue, towards the exhibition
shoulder framed and falling. weight into weight. (jp)

Lilly Blue, for the exhibition
you gave me houses of histories and i couldn't hold any of them.(jp)


  1. lilly blue is toward
    the beautiful of everything
    & holds exactly what she needs to.
    ArtCrush xox

  2. Love the pattern on that skirt.

    Also love the combination of physical and digital media on your home'd you do that?

  3. Thank you so much for your comment. If you are talking about the banner on our home page we had a fabulous designer take one of our illustrations and create a banner for us.


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