Saturday, October 29, 2011

SIDE BY SIDE: fotoplay

{cat bodies completed by 7 and 8 year olds}
Marcie Jan Bronstein is an artist, a teacher, and the very proud mom of an 18 year old jazz musician. She has long been fascinated with children's drawings, and has featured their work in a number of large scale commissions and projects. We love Marcie's 'side by side' inspired work at, particularly her fabulous fotoplay project (soon to be published as a first of its kind book) which uses the photographic image as a prompt, and as an invitation for collaboration. Ohhhh those cats!
"I've found that a photographic prompt (in comparison to a hand drawn "doodle" prompt) elicits a unique response, in that it allows a young (or not so young) artist to move between two realms, in two mediums. The resulting images are magical, mysterious, not ever predictable, and always delightful". 

{elephant conversation completed by an 8 year old}
{complete the elephant's body by a five year old}
Here are Marcie's wordless responses to our questions of Bravery, Imagination and Generosity (we can't wait to see her contribution to our Treasure Maps edition!):



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