Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is your favourite BIG page?

"Twerl" (Lea Redmond)
We love this creative response from nine year old Abi to Lea Redmond's 'imagination' character 'Twerl" on Page 48 of BIG Kids Magazine

 By contributing her creative response Abi is now in the BIG giveaway to win a most fab pack of pressies including Once there was a boy, art goodies and a little surprise from Leafcutter Designs. You have til Friday night to post your children's drawing/review/words to any one (or more) of the BIG pages to our facebook wall or email us at
We will announce the winner on Monday!

Thank you so much to Abi and to Abi's mum Angela and to everyone who has sent in a response so far. Lea's 'Twerl' is also one of our senior editor Luca's  favourite pages...what's your/your child's favourite part or page of the magazine?

Brown Bird Dropping Colour by Abi, age 9
Hello, I am a little brown duck named George.  I live on a big farm.  In the world I live in it is all grey and black.  There is no colour on the planet.  But if your there on a good day you mite see a glimpse of white.  But one day I found something on the farm. It was so beautiful, I named it COLOUR!  The next day I came back to the farm and there was a bunch of colour!  I picked up the colour, and it spread all over me.  That night I thought up something, I was going to super size that experiment. I made a little plane and put colour in a whistle. Some of the whistle turned yellow, but I kicked off the ground and took off. When I was high enough I started dropping colour bombs out of the whistle. It fell on the earth and colour spread everywhere.   Image and words by Abi (age 9)


  1. Wel done Abi, you are such a creative little soul. Loving your work.

  2. Truly awesome! Great picture and story.

  3. Well done Abi! Such a beautiful drawing and creative story! I hope you continue with your art and writing :)

  4. So lovely Abi, your big sister is so proud.


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