Friday, November 18, 2011

A different sky

Photo by Paea Leach
"Tree fall over" said Nadia, as my beloved old Jacaranda tree was felled today to make room for the building of our new house.  I imagine the relocating of birds tonight, and try not to think about them. A single bird landed on the stump and I saw a human recognition of change in his pause. Of disappearance. I think about people forced to flee. About homes burnt. Or under water. Or occupied by force. I think about Boatbird. I distract myself by looking at flights that will see me land in Sydney in January to map out the BIG pages side by side with Lilly. It will be 13years since we last saw each other. We have a very BIG magazine to make.

Sacha climbs the tree stump top and finds a different sky. 

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