Friday, November 4, 2011

Kids Art Exhibitions - Lilla a

1. Jean-Claude le Parisien, by Elia 9 years. 2. Paco Ray-Ban, by Jeff 39 years
These very fabulous robots from around the world feature in the latest exhibition now open on the gorgeous creative blog Lilla a, and we are very excited that the next exhibition will  be in collaboration with BIG Kids Magazine!

 1. R1 by Jaś (3,5), Antoni (6,5) and Mom. 2.Robot Brummi-Brum by Annika, 9years.
We first connected with Anna from Lilla a ("the small a") early in the BIG journey when we fell in love with this Bird House Exhibition, and her approach as a designer and mother to creating projects that can be done side by side with your children on their terms!

Bravery is being just a little bit scared
Imagination is a whole world
Generosity is the little hand giving you half of his last biscuit 

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  1. great, I was just planning to blog about robots like this, because my son made one.

  2. Thank you, I am excited aswell! It is going to be fun!

  3. lilla a is wonderful, wonderful, wondeful!

  4. The robots are fabulous, indeed! Congratulations to this big heart opening project! I wish you good luck.


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