Friday, December 9, 2011

BIG call out to CONTRIBUTE - Treasure Maps

Artists, children, parents, adventurers, visionaries and friends around the world - you are officially invited to contribute to the Treasure Maps edition of BIG Kids Magazine:

Finished work
Twyla age 3
Lilly age 41

1. CREATE an image inspired by the idea of Treasure Maps (drawn, photographed, painted, built, folded, soldered or danced). Real or wildly imagined. It could be a map of your mind or the places you love to hide. Think outside the treasure chest ;)


2. WRITE no more than 100 words describing an adventure or the uncovering of hidden treasure.  Real or invented. Pirate tales or poetry.


3.  SEND treasure and maps via print quality jpeg images, 600 dpi scans, or Word documents. Download, fill in, save and send the submission form to with your work attached. 

All contributions received by Jan 30th 2012 will feature on the blog (but we would love your work before Christmas!) All contributions that are print quality will be considered for the actual pages of BIG Kids Magazine. 

Mapping our way - collaboration in process, Twyla and Lilly
The BIG small print:
Contributors give the publishers full rights to use/edit any images or words in any way for the magazine and blog.
Contributors will not receive any remuneration for their artwork.
Contributors will be fully acknowledged for any work that is published.
BIG retains the right not to publish inappropriate or unsuitable material.
Selected contributions may be published in the first print issue of BIG Kids Magazine


  1. Will you at least send a copy of the magazine to the contributors?

  2. Hi Diana,

    We followed the trail and found our way to your very beautiful illustrations and stories. We would love you to contribute some map inspired whimsy to our next issue. Please email us at if you are interested in talking more about how we work with invited artists.

    We have many many contributions sent in from all over the world for each issue and are not able to fly free mags to everyone, as much as we would love to! We do however donate a copy for every subscription received to a child who might not otherwise be able to access it. We are enormously grateful for the generosity of all who contribute and trust that there is some value in being featured in our printed pages.


    Lilly and Jo x

  3. Hi Lilly, thanks for the compliments on my work!

    I'll drop you a note so you can explain me more about this. :)


We love reading your BIG thoughts and really appreciate your comments, thank you!

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