Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just keep going

Let's just keep going, is a phrase often thrown between us.

We cannot believe all that has happened this year. And if we thought about the accumulated daily (nightly) hours I think we would both collapse on the spot.
In this current new year crossover we have been exchanging words and artwork in a responsive and rapid fire creative process without pause or perfection.  Lilly sent me a painting the other day with a note asking Is it finished?

Our work, words and ideas are overlapping. Even the paint is starting to run between us.

To step into a shared space with someone you have not seen for 13 years and be vulnerable in agreeing to enter into the unknown, is risky, surprising and thankfully for us, incredibly supportive. The co-authorship of this BIG magazine provokes, prescribes, demands, dares, expects and cajoles a days work from each of us and also makes room for tiny glimpses of the hilarity, niggling, messing, playing and firing of our everyday lives. It is the creative collaboration between our paint, words and ladders to everywhere that holds us both in its slipstream and propels the magazine making. Side by side.
The Grumpi girl leads the way...

Little Treasure.  
Keeping up with the brothers seven, she climbs til the rungs become stars underfoot and she is walking on the words of the world. Weightless and full with the centuries of girls who have climbed before her. Scrambling feet going and going and going. And quietly, in the unexpected out breath, resting on the efforts of  all of them to stand so far that she can reach into the pockets of her story and rain the sky with extra time. Ladders to everywhere. 
(Jo & Lilly 31-12-2011)

Happy New Year treasured readers xx 

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  1. I love, love, love this! Exquisite, poignant painting and beautiful, evocative words. Will stay with me for a while.


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